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GOnewsletter June 14, 2016

Leaders Ready Now.
Out this month, the new book from DDI, Leaders Ready Now: Accelerating Growth in a Faster World, tells you everything you need to know to grow leader readiness. See why it’s a must read—and pre-order your copy.
Preview the Book

A dog dressed like in a suit.
Has leadership gone to the dogs? Consider this: Only 1 out of 4 employees feel they are working for their best boss ever.
Big data code and an image of a person.
HR professionals need to take a data-focused approach to talent management. While many in HR are still struggling to catch up, some organizations are getting it right! (from Human Resource Executive)
Stack of books.
Here’s what DDI’s leadership “brainiacs” recommend you read to whip your brain into shape this summer!
Elements of leadership success.
What qualifications really pay off in high-caliber leadership? Management experience? Industry background? The right educational degree? This leadership analytics webinar sorts through all of these factors to help you better recruit, select, and promote senior leaders.
Giving back.
Each year we award up to 50 grants to DDI-trained facilitators to use DDI training materials with a nonprofit of their choice. The materials are provided free of charge.

Talk to an Expert: Get Your Leaders Ready Now
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