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GOnewsletter Issue 56

How Progressive Ensures Growth
The fast-growing insurance brand is onboarding and developing the leaders it needs. Read the article
The #1 Thing You Must Do to Grow Faster!
As the Global Leadership Forecast 2018 makes clear, promoting more women into leadership correlates with stronger business outcomes. (from Inc.)
Better Interviews and Feedback? The Answer Is in the STARs
This complete guide to the STAR format—specifying the Situation or Task, the Action taken, and the Result—shows how it can lead you to more informed decisions about job candidates, as well as guiding discussions around feedback.
The Beautiful Music of Gender Diversity and Inclusivity
To build a culture that’s a true competitive advantage, as with a symphony orchestra you need to focus on the whole as opposed to the individual soloists.
Two Days That Will Change Your View of Leadership
It’s time to ignite the future of your leadership! Join us at DDI LeaderCon 2018 in October for two action-packed days of learning, collaboration, and exploration that will challenge your thinking when it comes to your leadership practices.
Talk to an Expert: How Progressive Ensures Growth
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