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GOnewsletter Issue 35

Scale showing 75% more businessmen than businesswomen.
A new Brandon Hall study shows that 70% of companies have a C-Suite with 25% or fewer women. But the study also offers 6 ways organizations can break through the barriers that hold women leaders back.
See the research

Business woman and man hiding behind smiley face cards.
In DDI research looking at strengths and gaps across functions, one thing was clear: organizations have leadership talent hidden in functions where they might not expect.
Angry group of business people.
Performance management hasn’t really changed in decades. That’s a problem. It’s also probably why so many people are calling for its demise.
Webinar collage including laptop, pullout quotes, and a 30 minute clock.
Join us for “No Time? No Problem! Learning Options Under 120 Minutes” to learn how you can bolster shorter classroom sessions with technology to drive behavior change in today’s busy workplace.
One bright lightbulb (business person) picked from a group.
As Leaders Ready Now co-author Matt Paese explains in this video, no factor will have a greater impact on your efforts to have more ready-now leaders than making efficient, accurate decisions about whom to accelerate.

Talk to an Expert: In the C-Suite the Numbers Do Not Add Up
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