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GOnewsletter Issue 41

Is Leadership Your Organization’s #1 Priority?
DDI has a new look, a new website, and a lot of expert advice on leadership strategy!
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When It Comes to Hiring, Are You More Biased than You Realize?
Whether it’s the interview questions they ask or an inexact interpretation of “job fit,” your interviewers and hiring managers may be unwittingly falling into serious “bias traps.”

Let Your Leadership Flow
“Flow” is the state of being totally immersed in an activity. Can leaders attain this state, too? Check out this first Think Piece in our “Challenging Thinking” series.”
Leadership Development Matters Because You MUST Develop Your Leaders!
Here’s what your organization can do to develop the critical skills your leaders need to be effective. (from Inc.)

A Virtual Show-and-Tell You Won’t Want to Miss!
Get a sneak peek at some of our greatest hits in assessment and development at DDI’s first virtual Solution Showcase. Our experts will be on hand to demonstrate products and solutions, and answer your questions throughout the day.

Talk to an Expert: Is Leadership Your Organization’s #1 Priority?
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