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GOnewsletter Issue 47

It’s Time to Rethink What We (Think We) Know About Leadership Potential
The numbers don’t lie. The way most organizations have been approaching leadership potential—with an emphasis on identifying and developing a small number of high potentials—isn’t delivering the needed leadership capability. DDI’s new e-book, The Revolutionary Guide to Rethinking Leadership Potential points a new—and better—way forward.
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At Work, Men Need to Be Better Allies to Women
Recent ugly headlines have shined a light on and sparked conversation about the struggles women continue to face to be true equals in the workplace. One bright spot is that a growing number of men are recognizing that doing more to support gender equality is not a favor or kindness toward women, but a necessary step to improve life and work for everyone.
Do You Have An “Inaction Plan?” Maybe You Should
Lists have become the ultimate productivity hack. But are they preventing us—especially those of us transitioning into new leadership roles—from reflecting as we dive headlong into execution?
How Beachbody Shaped Up Its Hiring
The worldwide leader in health and fitness had a difficult time hiring and retaining technologists—until it changed its approaches to interviewing and onboarding.
How to Attract Top Young Employees? Two Words: Social Media
Social media plays an important role in Millennials’ lives and shapes how they view brands and employers. So, it figures that social media is the best way to attract and recruit younger employees—and organizations have started to do just that. (from Forbes)

Talk to an Expert: Its Time to Rethink What We Know About Leadership Potential
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