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GOnewsletter Issue 23

High-Resolution Leadership

Kim Kardashian’s 38 Million Lessons for L&D
Kim Kardashian has almost 38 million Twitter followers. Why can’t organizations be as brilliant in educating and engaging their leaders as celebrities are about getting to their followers? Barry Stern and Russ White believe the answer is that we need an alternative way to think about knowledge acquisition, learning, and performance. #LearningPerforming
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Rise of Arrogant and Risk Averse The Rise of the Arrogant and Risk Averse
Among the findings from our groundbreaking High-Resolution Leadership synthesis of 15,000 assessments: Hard-to-develop personality traits—both enabling traits (e.g., ambition, resilience) and derailing traits (arrogance, volatility, risk aversion)—differ in prevalence across leadership levels.
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Work at DevelopmentFor Development to Work It Has to Be, Well, . . . Work
Development plans that are about forms, documentation, and disillusionment are doomed. Here’s why.
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Technology and Telecommunications How the Technology and Telecommunications Industry Is (and Isn’t) Connecting with Leaders
This overview, 1 of 8 Industry Snapshots drawn from the latest Global Leadership Forecast data, shows the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and telecommunications industry when it comes to leaders.
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AssessmentAre You Assessing with One Hand Tied Behind Your Back?
Register for The Missing Link in Your Assessment Strategy, a new webinar that will show you the three critical elements most often overlooked when developing an assessment strategy.
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Mid-level LeapersTo Reach Higher You Need Mid-Level “Leapers”!
New from DDI—Check out the video preview of Accelerating Leadership Transitions, the new course designed to help your rising leaders make the leap to the mid-level.
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TwitterIs there an overlooked benefit to the money companies spend on developing their #leaders?

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High-Resolution Leadership

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