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GOnewsletter Issue 64

Leaders Don’t Always Use Their Words Effectively
Just as there are special ways to speak to children, there are ways of communicating that leaders can use to make every goal much easier to achieve. Read the article
The Toughest Part About Being a Leader Is…
As more than half of frontline leaders say they have never received any training or preparation, it’s little surprise they struggle with the challenges they face every day. Read up on the challenges and vote in DDI’s 2019 Leadership Tournament!
Better Leaders Help Transform Fugro
Here’s how Fugro, the world’s leading geo-data specialist, drove a big increase in the use of effective leadership behaviors—and created stronger leaders at every level.
How Coaching Can Transform Your Organization
Discover the many benefits of coaching—both for individuals and your organization—during “Transform Your Company Through Coaching,” an insightful DDI webinar on May 9th that presents the latest research, techniques, and technology shaping coaching for today’s workplace.
Why Smart Leaders Don’t Measure Up to Those with High EQ
Day-to-day interactions are the lifeblood of effective leadership. To excel at them requires that leaders have the right kind of intelligence—emotional intelligence. (from Inc.)
Talk to an Expert: Leaders Don’t Always Use Their Words Effectively
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