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GOnewsletter Issue 59

Don’t Just Need Coaching—They Need It from Multiple Sources
Leaders benefit when they receive coaching from their managers. But they shouldn’t overlook other valuable coaching they can receive from external sources, their peers, and even their direct reports. Read the article
Munson Healthcare Leans on Developing Leaders
To support transformation, the Michigan-based health system is working to develop critical leadership skills across 350 leaders at the assistant manager and above levels.
 The Time is Now to Make Diversity a Reality!
A lack of digital acumen and data skills has created a credibility gap between HR professionals and their colleagues. Here’s what they can do about it. (from Harvard Business Review)
 The Time is Now to Get the Most from Your Gen X Leaders
Gen X leaders are primed to assume all top executive roles over the next decade, yet little is known about what distinguishes their experiences and impact in the workplace. The upcoming DDI webinar, “Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Generation X,” will help you think differently—and urgently—about the generation of leaders that has fully arrived in your organization.
Are Nice Leaders Ineffective?
“Nice” and “leader” are two words that rarely appear in the same sentence. Should they? It would be nice if they did.
Talk to an Expert: Leaders Don’t Just Need Coaching—They Need It from Multiple Sources
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