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GOnewsletter Issue 22

High-Resolution Leadership

What Data from 15,000 Leadership Assessments Can Tell Us (Hint: A Lot!)
We analyzed data from 15,000 DDI leadership assessment participants, ranging from the frontline to the C-suite. The result: High-Resolution Leadership, a groundbreaking study that applies 18 different lenses to reveal how leaders shape the business landscape.
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Trends The Hottest Leadership and Workplace Topics for 2016 Are . . .
It’s going to be a big year—with big changes! Here are the trends DDI experts say will shape the next 12 months.
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More Strategic How HR Can Become EVEN MORE Strategic
This Harvard Business Review article, sponsored by EY, explains why—and how—HR leaders are becoming more strategic and moving the function beyond being a “business partner.”
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Neuroscience Neuroscience Isn’t Just for Ph.D.’s Anymore
Emerging research in the field of neuroscience is challenging some long-held beliefs about leadership, and learning and development.
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GameficationLeadership Is No Game—Wait a Minute, NOW It Is!
DDI has introduced Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma, an animated game that allows leaders to practice and refine their essential interaction and leadership skills.
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As a leader, the most important part of your job isn't your results, it's to inspire your employees: 90% of mfg execs agree #MFG 4.0 will require a different #leadership approach: 6 leadership tips from DDI's CEO, Tacy Byham, and SVP, Rich Wellins:

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