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GOnewsletter Issue 27

Super Mom
Like great leaders, moms have super skills, especially communication. That’s because both leadership and motherhood are about connecting with other human beings, whether they are our kids or our coworkers.
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Businessman with binoculars.
With the right tools, you can find your organization’s future leader—within your own organization! (from HR Magazine)
Businessman pointing to upward progress.
Developing future talent within your organization requires that you are more than just a good partner—you need to be an Anticipator. Are you ahead of the game? This self-assessment will let you know.
Businessman holding back progress.
Register for Stop Wasting Potential: Build Your Future Leadership Pool and learn what you need for a high-potential program, the insights you need about your high-potential leaders, and how to create a program that accelerates your future leaders.
Great grad gift, Your First Leadership Job book!
Know someone graduating from college? Your First Leadership Job is the perfect resource and companion to help get their leadership journey off on the right foot.
DDI at ATD and the Conference Board Conference Badges
Come See Us at ATD and The Conference Board!
Join us at the 2016 ATD International Conference and Exposition May 22-25 in Denver. We hope to see you at one of our sessions or in the expo hall! We’ll also be in Chicago June 8-10 for The Conference Board’s 22nd Annual Leadership Development Conference, where we will present both the keynote on Day 1 of the Conference, and a pre-conference seminar on June 8: From Managing Performance to Driving a High-Performance Culture. We hope to see you there!.

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