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GOnewsletter Issue 68

Overcome Your Fear of Giving Feedback
Providing feedback is one of the most important things a leader must do. Unfortunately, for many, it also requires moving out of their comfort zones. Read the article
Make Your High-Potential Program a High Performer
The most recent Global Leadership Forecast shows that while 65 percent of companies have high-potential programs, 68 percent say they’re not very effective. Here’s how to ensure your program is on the right side of these numbers.
Generation eXit?
Generation X leaders are receiving fewer promotions than their younger and older colleagues. That doesn’t bode well for organizations that want to prevent this important generation of leaders from seeking opportunities elsewhere. (from Harvard Business Review)
It’s Not Just You. All Leaders Are Feeling the Heat.
Newly published findings from DDI’s Frontline Leader Project show that leaders are struggling—to see purpose in their teams’ work, to drive innovation, and to lead an increasingly digital workforce.
Register Today: Advanced Pricing for LeaderCon 2019 Ends This Week!
At LeaderCon 2019, October 14-16 in Clearwater Beach Fla., you can see keynote speakers Andrew Davis and Steven Rogelberg, and hear success stories from more than 20 leading organizations. Register by August 15th to take advantage of the discounted advanced rate!
The Leadership 480 Podcast
A new podcast—just for leaders—offering insights, research, advice, practical tips, and expertise. Explore the latest episodes and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
Talk to an Expert: Overcome Your Fear of Giving Feedback
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