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GOnewsletter Issue 55

The Dangers of Unconscious Bias
Decades of diversity training has produced little real progress. Why? Because diversity and inclusion requires more than just training. Read the article
Remember Generation X?
Everyone embraces the concept of diversity. It’s when we’re confronted with the reality of it that things can become challenging.
Help Your Leaders Unlock Their Potential
The thrilling just-completed global soccer tournament showed why it takes more than a few megastars to compete and win.
It’s Time to Unleash Your Hidden Potential
It’s time to ignite the future of your leadership! Join us at DDI LeaderCon 2018 in October for two action-packed days of learning, collaboration, and exploration that will challenge your thinking when it comes to your leadership practices.
Does Your Leadership Need a Tune-Up?
It’s all about becoming more of a strategic anticipator that adds value to the business. But research shows HR is making little progress when it comes to this important shift. (from SHRM)
Talk to an Expert: Training Is NOT the Answer for Diversity and Inclusion
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