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GOnewsletter Issue 70

What’s the Best Gift for Boss’s Day?
There’s one thing leaders want most: More time. Here are three ways to give your leaders the gift of time this Boss’s Day. Read the article
DDI’s Award-Winning Virtual Reality Makes Empathy Real
Human Resource Executive has named DDI’s Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience a Top HR Product for 2019. This immersive, virtual-reality exploration of what it feels like to be undervalued because of insensitivity to diversity provokes all-too-real situational discomfort to generate empathy.
Avoid 14 Common Interviewing Mistakes
Interviewers need to avoid critical mistakes, including missing out on important information about the candidate, interviewer bias, and not ensuring a good experience for the candidate. This eBook covers them all and shows how DDI’s Targeted Selection® can make your organization's interviewers more effective!
How Emory University Developed Better Leaders at All Levels
Once Atlanta’s Emory University began addressing the needs of one leadership level, it became clear there was more to be done. Here’s how it approached building out level-specific programs for its entire pipeline.
What Sets Inclusive Leaders Apart?
The 42nd What differentiates inclusive leaders from others? They employ “inclusion superpowers” that enable them take purposeful, explicit action to leverage each individual’s abilities, perspectives, styles, and ideas for the success of the organization.
The Leadership 480 Podcast
A new podcast—just for leaders—offering insights, research, advice, practical tips, and expertise. Explore the latest episodes and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
Talk to an Expert: What’s the Best Gift for Boss’s Day?
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