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GOnewsletter Issue 44

Best practices aren’t necessarily best practices. Usually, they’re common practices. DDI has employed our Leadership Databank to cut through the clutter and identify the practices that are proven by research, and the ones to avoid or stop doing.
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When 58% of Men Are Wrong
In a recent study, more than half the men who responded said that women no longer face obstacles in the workplace. Then there was that Google memo everyone’s talking about. Gender equality should be everyone’s job, yet it’s clear there’s still plenty of work to do. (from Entrepreneur)

Manufacturing Guide
In the manufacturing realm, the next 10 years will bring greater change than was seen in the last half century. A comprehensive new guide from DDI details four game-changing talent strategies to help you master the megatrends that constitute Manufacturing 4.0.

Is Mindfulness Innovation’s Missing Ingredient?
The answer to innovation is not in the latest tools but in something more basic, and maybe, more challenging. In this latest piece from the Challenging Thinking series, DDI’s Ryan Heinl suggests the answer lies in what is called the Beginner’s Mind.

How can you future-proof leadership?
Even in an uncertain age when forecasting seems like an outdated practice, organizations must continue to define, identify, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. Check out this recent DDI webinar to learn how you can uncover the skills that will drive leadership success in a future that’s already arrived.

Talk to an Expert: Which Leadership Practices are Truly the Best
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