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GOnewsletter Issue 26

Among the findings from our High-Resolution Leadership study is a “CEO profile” that shows what CEO candidates do to excel, where they struggle, and how they are wired.
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Game Changer
In this, the third installment in their #LearningPerforming series, Barry Stern and Russ White isolate five potentially game-changing opportunities for learning and development professionals.
BC Hydro Watering Tree
Canadian Utility BC Hydro is lighting up its business goals with high-quality frontline leaders. Christy Innes, Manager of Leadership and Professional Development, explains why experienced leaders are saying, “I sure wish I had this [training] when I started!”
Zen Balance
Emotional intelligence is a necessity for effective leaders. But that alone isn’t enough. They also need to be really smart. (from Forbes)
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Translating Strategy to Performance
Sign up today for Translating Strategy to Performance. This webinar, co-presented by DDI and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), will draw on research and real-world case studies to show you how to successfully translate strategy into performance and results.
Health Care Leader
In the next 10 years, healthcare will undergo greater transformation in care delivery and payment than at any time in history. For health insurers, a new kind of leader with a very different skill set is needed to navigate the unfamiliar landscape.

Talk to an Expert: Why CEOs Are Not Like You
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