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GOnewsletter Issue 28

An MBA does not equal great leadership.
MBA graduates earn top starting salaries and often get leadership opportunities others don’t. But DDI research confirms the advanced degree doesn’t equate to strength in important leadership skills.
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Two business people talking.
Analytics and “hard science” are revealing compelling reasons to develop leaders’ soft skills. (from Chief Learning Officer)
Person being applauded.
How a realistic and engaging development experience increased customer service scores and leadership satisfaction ratings at Caesars Windsor, Canada’s largest resorts operation.
Speed odometer measuring leadership development.
It’s time to punch it! Register for Fast Track Your Leaders' Growth and learn how a well-crafted learning journey can change your ability to accelerate more people—and have more ready-now leaders!
Scared leaders.
Coaching for improvement takes guts. Here are three reasons why leaders avoid these challenging coaching discussions—and how you can go from being the leader your employees curse to the one they value!
Businessman working gears.
To meet the challenges of Manufacturing 4.0, organizations need to employ lean thinking and identify and develop a new breed of leader. (from Manufacturing Leadership Journal)

Talk to an Expert: Why Having an MBA Won't Make You a Great Leader
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