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GOnewsletter Issue 60

Why Strategic Leaders Must Listen with a “Different Ear”
As leaders transition to the strategic level, they must begin discerning patterns or commonalities at work across problems, and across geographical and organizational boundaries. Read the article
Leadership Megatrends Underscore the Need for Greater Leadership Diversity
The Global Leadership Forecast 2018 confirmed the importance of a purpose-driven culture to organizational success, and that organizations must find new sources of leadership to attain greater diversity. (from The Economist)
How Epworth Is Building a Nurse Leader Bench
The Australian health system is driving excellence in clinical care by ensuring it has the leaders it needs in critical roles.
Are You Selling Your Gen X Leaders Short?
Generation X leaders are experienced, digital-savvy, collaborative, and loyal. Yet, organizations are failing to tap into their full potential.
Unleashing Hidden Potential Starts in… Your Headphones?
Check out our insightful new podcast series based on our eBook, Unleash Hidden Potential: Build Your Competitive Edge Through Diversity and Inclusion.
Talk to an Expert: Why Strategic Leaders Must Listen with a “Different Ear”
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