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GOnewsletter Issue 51

Will Artificial Intelligence Really Replace Leaders?
AI is becoming ubiquitous and is poised to increasingly replace jobs. Is this the end of the line for leadership as a career?
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The State of Leadership in 10 Findings
The recently released Global Leadership Forecast 2018 provides an expansive view of how leadership has progressed over the past decade and where it’s headed. In this article from Forbes, DDI’s Evan Sinar, one of the Forecast’s authors, discusses its main findings and their implications for leaders.
Your Mid-Level Leaders Have a Secret Weapon
Mid-level leaders can surface, activate, and accelerate unrealized leadership potential by tapping into their internal peer networks.
6 Megatrends, 1 “Mega” Webinar You Won’t Want to Miss!
This article from Talent Economy examines the future of workplace learning from multiple angles—including how to define and develop soft skills.
Because Nobody Hires Just Part of a Candidate…
The way most organizations approach leadership potential isn’t working! Are you ready for a better way? Join us for a can’t-miss webinar to discuss how to expand the definition and understanding of leadership potential, and better spot and surface potential in people who might otherwise be missed.
Talk to an Expert: Will Artificial Intelligence Really Replace Leaders?
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