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GOnewsletter Issue 71

The Clock is Ticking on Leadership Development
What’s the greatest challenge when it comes to leadership development? It’s about time we talk about it. Read the Article
What Will Frontline Leadership Look Like in 2020?
A new year is almost upon us—are your frontline leaders ready? Join us for a webinar, “2020 Forecast: 5 Critical Trends for Frontline Leaders,” on Thursday, November 21st, to get practical strategies and tactics to design effective learning experiences that will make a difference in 2020 and beyond.
Avoid 14 Common Interviewing Mistakes
CI Financial is eliminating barriers for its women leaders. Its winning approach: a formal mentoring initiative and DDI’s Women In Leadership program to help drive culture change.
How to Avoid 14 Common Interviewing Mistakes
Interviewers need to avoid critical mistakes, including missing out on important information about the candidate, interviewer bias, and not ensuring a good experience for the candidate. This eBook covers them all and shows how DDI’s Targeted Selection® can make your organization’s interviewers more effective!
What Can Virtual Reality Really Do for Leaders?
The 42nd Virtual reality marks a giant step forward for training and development. One way it changes the game is by delivering experiences that inspire behavior change in leaders. (from HR Executive)
Have You Subscribed to the Leadership 480 Podcast Yet?
Check out the latest episode—a conversation with speaker and author Andrew Davis on leaving a leadership legacy.

GOmagazine GO Magazine 2018 Issue 1

See the latest Web-Edition of GO Magazine 2018 Issue 1

Read how Progressive implemented an innovative program to onboard leaders, and how Australia’s Epworth HealthCare established a comprehensive, clinical care-focused initiative to ensure a pipeline of leaders for a critical leadership role. Also in this issue: why unleashing your organization’s hidden potential is smart business; an interview with Scott Page, author of The Diversity Bonus; leadership megatrends from the latest Global Leadership Forecast; the leadership practices that have the most impact; and a recap of DDI LeaderCon 2018!

Title: Launching Successful Leaders at Progressive
How the fast-growing insurance brand is onboarding and developing the leaders it needs. [Read more]
Title: Building a Nurse Leader Pipeline
Australia's Epworth Healthcare is building an accelerated talent program for future nurse leaders. [Read more]
Title: Is Your Hidden Potential Really Hidden?
The secret to your organization’s success is probably in plain sight—if you know what you’re looking for. [Read more]
Title: 6 Leadership Megatrends for from the Global Leadership Forecast
These megatrends from the largest Global Leadership Forecast yet define the roadmap for leader readiness. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Scott Page
The author of The Diversity Bonus makes a strong case for why diversity is more than just the right thing to do. [Read more]
Title: Trend Tracker
Which leadership practices really work? [Read more]
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