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DDI LeaderCon 2019

DDI LeaderCon is designed to give you the flexibility to customize your schedule with over 30 breakouts sessions to choose from. Speakers from a variety of industries will show you how they are Developing Exceptional Leaders at Every Level, Creating a Culture of Inclusiveness, Using Assessments for Leadership Success, Driving Business Transformation with Leadership, and Empowering their Executives.

Hear from organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, LabCorp, Gundersen Health System, TJX, Cooper Standard, to name only a few.

A Look Into the Future with DDI's I-Lab

At DDI, we have a group focused on experimenting with and developing new and innovative products and services for our clients. We call this group the I-Lab. Be the first to see what is coming next in the leadership development space at DDI as we bring the I-Lab to LeaderCon 2019. You'll get a hands-on experience with many of our prototypes and the opportunity to help us shape the future of these cutting-edge products and services.

General Sessions

Are Your Executives Really Ready to Execute on What Your C-suite Expects?: As your board and C-suite monitor marketplace trends and opportunities, they make on-the-fly adjustments to the business strategy. Priorities shift, adapt, and occasionally pivot dramatically to put your organization in a better position to win. Those moments of strategic clarity – when it becomes clear what must be done to win – are often coupled with ambiguity about whether there is sufficient leadership strength to get it done. What do business leaders expect from HR in those moments? What do they believe is possible? How do they define their own roles? How can we align business strategy with leadership strategy in ways that maximize the likelihood of success? Matt Paese, DDI’s SVP of Executive Services, will lead a group of CHRO’s in a candid panel discussion on C-Suite performance, succession, and growth. They’ll dive into topics such as: What do boards and CEOs expect from their CHROs and their Talent Teams? What does it really mean when the C-Suite wants Executive Growth and a Strong Bench? In what areas are executives performing better and where are they not as steady? What does “fitness” look like in leadership? What are early indicators for CHROs that the Talent Initiatives are off-track? Then you’ll get to turn the tables and ask our panelists the questions you wish you could ask your boss’ boss.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Take advantage of the optional pre-conference workshops, included in your registration fee. Choose both a morning and afternoon session. Each workshop has been certified by HRCI and SHRM for 3.5 continuing educations credits (CEUs).

SHRM CreditHRCI Credit

Morning | Wednesday, October 14 | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment—You're hiring for diversity, but is your culture inclusive? If not, you might not be reaping the benefits of your diverse workforce. This workshop moves past the numbers game of diverse representation to focus on learning into and leveraging unique abilities, perspectives, styles, and ideas of each person. Stereotypes and unconscious bias are explored, as well as the differences in who we are, how we think, and what it means to an inclusive workplace. Three practices lay out a personalized path for identifying, engaging with, and advocating for individuals whose voices must and should be heard. We'll also demonstrate new technology to build empathy and reinforce inclusive leadership behaviors, including our latest virtual reality experience which replicates the unique experience that members of the outgroup can have in the workplace—not being heard, getting interrupted, and talked over. In this workshop, participants will: Recognize biases and stereotypes that can affect workplace decisions; Identify those who've been excluded and invite them back to the table; Engage everyone and encourage their voices and contributions; Advocate for those with different perspectives and ignite their personal success. This workshop is intended for those who want to create an inclusive environment where people can participant and flourish.
  • HR Anticipator: Transitioning to Strategic HR—Over the past decade, HR Professionals have focused primarily on their functions' operating models, policies, and systems. However, in today's increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment, they must focus on how to manage talent strategically. HR must make the transition from being administrators or reactors to "Anticipators" who add value to their organizations by connecting business and people strategies. Are they up to the challenge? In this workshop, participants will: Understand recent trends in the changing role of HR and realize the increasing value they bring to the business that will have a high impact on the overall results of their organization; Analyze the business context and understand the big picture to become a true business advisor, able to make use of people analytics and come with measurable potential solutions; Conduct impactful discussions with business leaders and use provocative questioning techniques to challenge current perspectives; Identify long-term people initiatives that support and accelerate the realization of business plans and translate the business needs to actionable solutions for high organizational talent; Evaluate the business network, build supportive and reciprocal long-term strategic relationships, gain commitment, and engage others both emotionally and rationally. This workshop is intended for HR Business Partners and similar levels who want to be viewed as a trusted business advisor by senior leadership.
  • The Impact of Your Leadership Practices—Why the focus on impact? You have at least 480 minutes a day to strategize and deliver business-relevant leadership initiatives that prepare your leaders for the challenges ahead. You can't afford to waste time and resources on leadership programs that don't get results. How can you do more with less, and maximize the impact of your leadership practices? This pre-conference workshop is anchored on the Leadership Practices Scorecard, a tool that assesses how your leadership practices impacts engagement, your leadership bench strength, and financial performance, among others. This scorecard is based on DDI research, including the Global Leadership Forecast 2018, which includes data provided by more than 28,000 leaders and HR professionals from nearly 2,500 organizations around the globe. In this workshop, participants will: Complete the Leadership Practices Scorecard and review their results; Discuss what's working, what's not, and how you can improve your scores; Learn leadership practices from other organizations that drive impact. This workshop is geared toward HR professionals who are looking to jump-start or accelerate their talent initiatives.
  • The Journey of a Lifetime: Transform Your Leaders Through Learning Journeys—Shifting the mindsets and behaviors of busy leaders is a tall order. But when you get it right, giving learners the right mix of tech-centric and high-touch learning experiences at the right moment, the payoff is huge—for you, your leaders, and for your organization. In this working session, learn to create high-impact learning journeys that deliver a personalized experience for learners based on their individual needs, their job role, and the context of your organization. Discover innovative diagnostic and development methods that engage leaders head and heart, surrounding them with an ecosystem of online and offline learning activities. And most importantly, discuss strategies to anchor the entire experience on business outcomes that drive ROI. You will leave this session with insights and tools you can use to develop learning journeys that will keep your leaders engaged, change their behavior, and ensure the satisfaction of your business partners.
  • Into the Deep End: Helping New Executives Understand, Adapt, and Succeed—Climbing the ladder of leadership is no simple task, and never has it been more difficult that now. As leaders ascend in today’s chaotic context, each new assignment becomes more precarious than the last. But one leadership transition stands out as the most daunting: the transition to executive leadership. The odds are now against success, with more failing in their first executive job than not. And worse, the available support is falling far short. Recent DDI research shows that most executives receive either no support, or the wrong support as they make the most difficult leadership adjustment of their careers. The vast majority look outside their own organizations for help as they strive to emerge as successful executives. This workshop will explore how you can remake your organization’s support for emerging executives and provide the support your leaders need as they climb to executive heights. Participants will: Understand what it means to be an “executive”, what causes so many to fail, and what changes must leaders make to adapt; Explore how HR organizations must shift their approaches to provide the support that leaders need to meet the dramatically changing needs of new executives; Learn what successful organizations have done to help their emerging executives succeed in today’s competitive and chaotic environment.
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