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DDI LeaderCon 2018

Breakout Sessions

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Customize your LeaderCon experience by selecting from breakout sessions that are relevant to your business. Dive into DDI's latest solutions, see what lies ahead in our R&D - and have input into those plans.

Choose from one of the following sessions which have been approved by SHRM and HRCI for 0.75 CEUs each.

Hear from organizations who will be presenting on the following topics:

Building Bench Strength

  • Building a Leadership Bench that Transforms Your Business | John Gering, HCA Management Services

    HCA Healthcare was facing a problem common among all industries: An insufficient pipeline of prepared candidates to fill the management ranks, caused not only by retirement, but by significant company growth. During this session, you’ll learn how the company involved the CEOs among the different business units and engaged them in the development of the HCA Leadership Institute, a plan for their aspiring line, mid and senior level leaders. He’ll explore how the Leadership Institute has transformed their business and how you can do the same for yours.

  • Establishing a Leadership Pipeline of Talent | Heather Swensgard, M.Ed., Western & Southern Financial Group

    Employee empowerment is crucial in today’s workforce. One of the ways the Western & Southern Financial Group is investing in their associates is by giving them the tools to own their own development. Leaders need the skills that will be necessary in the future, but they also need to be able to work today. By putting the focus on adopting skills instead of merely “checking the box” when it comes to development, the W&SFG has positioned themselves to create a solid talent pipeline. In this session, you’ll spark ideas about how you can develop leadership in your organization and mitigate having an empty leadership bench.

  • Transforming Leadership for the Future | Steve Pilotti, Industrial Sector, and Cindy Fisher, Industrial Sector, Eaton

    What do you do when your upper management is ready to retire, yet there aren’t enough people with the skills and experience necessary to move into these roles? As the war for talent intensified and talent became less mobile, Eaton found themselves dealing with this challenge. A more proactive method for transforming mid-level leaders into advanced leadership was needed in order to get the company to the next level and to stay competitive in the present and future marketplace.

  • Unifying Panasonic's Talent Management Strategy | Linda Woodruff, Panasonic

    Panasonic of North America takes innovation seriously, so after identifying a problem with Talent Silos the company took the opportunity to revitalize the pipeline with a creative approach. Like other global conglomerates, Panasonic has “silos,” within the business, and must constantly work to overcome the drawbacks that come with them. Although Silos provide structure, they can hinder collaboration and communication, stifling talent and reducing ease of movement.Panasonic’s North American region took silo-breaking initiative by creating a consistent approach to identifying, assessing, and developing high-potential employees to build the talent pipeline. Join this session to learn more about Panasonic’s journey to breaking down silos and creating a robust integrated talent management strategy.

Igniting Impact with Women in Leadership

  • Creating a Women's Mentoring Program that Works | Lorraine Blair, CI Financial Corporation

    After looking at the abysmal statistics on women in leadership, CI Investments knew they needed to do something. They launched their Women’s Mentoring Program in 2012, pairing strong female leaders in the company with newer ones, giving them access to networking, speakers, and learning sessions specifically for the program. It was a roaring success. 80% of women who went through the program said they were more likely to stay in the organization because of it, and 86% said they would highly recommend it to others. It increased confidence levels and decision-making capabilities. In this session, you’ll learn more about how CI Investments shook up their company with their mentoring program and how you can do the same for yours.

  • Chronicles of a Woman Leader | Ronda Bazley Moore, LexisNexis Legal & Professional

    It has been said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Moving from individual contributor to people leader or transitioning into a new leadership role can be a challenge. As talent development professionals, you have likely coached or advised leaders along their journey and helped them to reflect on the ups and downs, successes and failures that all leaders face. But when is the last time you reflected on your own leadership journey? In this workshop, Ronda Moore, VP Global Talent Management at LexisNexis Legal & Professional, shares stories from her journey of being a woman leader and what she calls her journey of building—building confidence, relationships, and legacy. This session is for both attendees who are new in their leadership roles and those who mentor and coach leaders, especially women.

Leadership Development Reimagined

  • Beginning with the End in Mind | Gerri Buhl, Insperity

    Sometimes the best way to begin something is to start at the end. That’s what Insperity had to do when they were developing their Talent Management Department. As a professional employment organization, they were great at helping other companies, but what about their own? Join Gerri Buhl, the Manager of Talent Management at Insperity, to learn about their journey of creating a program to develop their leaders.

  • Cascading Learning through Curation | Kate Kraus and Angela Johnson, Progressive Insurance

    As L&D industry trends and best practices shift to microlearning and bundled just-in-time learning solutions, Progressive Insurance Company made significant shifts to meet this growing demand. Within their large organization, the Center for Talent Development has used curation to scale important, timely content and meet the landscape of learning for busy, geographically dispersed managers with limited time, funding, and resources for development initiatives. Over the last few years, they have reshaped 70-20-10 through an enterprise-wide development initiative, self-directed learning bundles, and diverse learning solutions through learning media design. They have seen a successful shift in their learning culture, accessibility, and streamlined learning, based on development needs/goals. Join this session to learn more about Progressive’s design shift and ability to package learning solutions in a consumable and memorable way.

  • Data Worth Dollars: How Dollar General Reinvented Their Leadership Learning Journey | Kimberly Huffman, Dollar General

    Dollar General knew they needed to redefine and revolutionize their leadership development programs. Under their new initiative, top employees now go through a comprehensive journey that includes assessment, instructor-led and self-driven content, mentorship opportunities, and more. Using data gathered from these programs, Dollar General is able to measure the impact its leadership development programs are making company-wide while being agile to the specific needs of participants. Join this session to get insight into how you can reinvigorate your leadership development program.

  • Driving Your Development Solutions | Connie Casey, Magna

    Magna had a need to develop their frontline leaders, but they weren't sure exactly where to start. As the third-largest global automotive parts supplier with over 339 manufacturing operations and 89 product development, engineering and sales centers, they have a broad landscape of technical capabilities and diverse leadership capabilities. Magna needed to offer a program to their global frontline leaders in order for everyone to use the same language about leadership. They were able to tailor DDI's content to fit their needs and create their Entry Level Leader Training program. Join this session to learn more about how you can tailor existing development content to fit your company, no matter your industry.

  • Emory's Journey with Leadership Development: How we are evolving into a talent management organization | Wanda Hayes, Ph.D., Emory University

    All organizations face the challenge of promoting highly-skilled and specialized individuals into leadership roles. Emory University is no different, and faces these challenges with both staff and faculty, who are specialists in their areas, but lacked training and development in management and leadership. Although Emory has offered leadership development programs for many years, based on the input from senior leadership, these programs were recently redesigned to better align with the overall talent strategy. This session will share how Emory University’s leadership development efforts have evolved over the past ten years and where the efforts began, how they have changed, and where they are going. The presenter will discuss the redesign and success of multi-level development programs at Emory. In addition to providing leaders with the experiences to grow their skills, their confidence to lead, and to broaden their perspectives, the programs have provided a pathway to talent planning across the University.

  • Leadership 101: How to Make Sure Your Development Program is Just Right! | Jeannie Hernandez, Envoy Air Inc.

    Lots of companies have a problem with offering too little in the way of talent leadership development. But what about offering too much? Introducing too many initiatives over too many days with too many classes will inevitably lead to burnout and grumbling from your employees. The key is to find a good balance for your people. Learn how Envoy overhauled their leadership program to create a “just-right” development protocol for frontline leaders.

  • Relevance is Key: Creating Development Programs Your Frontline Leaders Will Use | Mickey Scherer, CRH Americas Materials

    Fortune 500 company CRH Americas Material knew what their company stood for. Their three core values of safety, quality, and integrity were essential to the company’s mission, and they needed a way to make sure the personal values and behaviors of their frontline leaders mirrored these. When they set out to transform their frontline leadership development program to empower bosses to become leaders, they didn’t get quite what they were looking for. They used an outside curricular program to train their leaders, but no significant behavior change resulted. Why? The participants couldn’t relate to the material. With DDI’s guidance, they created a customized leadership development program, interviewing frontline leaders to ensure their case studies were relevant and from real-world examples. In this session, you’ll learn how CRH Americas Materials created a customized frontline leadership program that ensured bosses became leaders and leaders embodied the company’s values.

Leadership to Drive Transformation

  • 200 Years of Building for the Future | Laura Kohlenberg, Bunge Limited

    Bunge is a 200-year old agribusiness and food company that has successfully navigated enormous cultural, technological and geopolitical changes through the years. In just the past six years, though, the requirements for what constitutes a leader and what’s expected of those in a leadership role have changed dramatically. And they needed to move fast to keep up. By creating a new guiding structure for talent processes, Bunge had the opportunity to better define what their Learning & Development function looked like from a global perspective. They learned how to improve the connection between global and regional talent, providing consistency for employees advancing into senior roles. In this session, you’ll learn how Bunge was able to take two centuries of insights and revamp their selection strategy and L&D function to keep their company at the forefront of their industry.

  • Creating a Coaching Culture Within Halliburton | Rachel Walden, Halliburton

    When you think of engineers, you may well associate them with analysis, business acumen and execution, precision and organization. Yet what about communication and engaging with employees? After some research and data analysis, Halliburton found that they needed to accelerate leadership capability in feedback skills, coaching and cross-function collaboration, all underpinned by empathy. This included striking the balance of internal and external coaches. Globally accepted assumptions propose that internal coaches know the people and context of the issues, while external coaches can deliver hard-to-hear messages without the political ramifications. In this session, you’ll learn how Halliburton is combining the two and using talent analytics to shape their coaching culture.

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership, Not Just Leaders | Jodi Carridice and Rossana Buonspensiere, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

    For every change in business - an equal and corresponding change needs to occur with your people strategy if you are to execute flawlessly. Wawanesa is undergoing transformative change in the way they conduct business and needed to revamp their entire talent strategy, rather than focusing on a subset of frontline leaders. They identified future-focused key metrics for their employees including driving profitable growth, cultivating a customer-focused culture, driving and executing process efficacy, and building a high-performance culture. With this in mind, they created two distinct learning journeys: The Leadership Development Program for frontline managers and supervisors, and the Director Program for directors. All levels of leaders through to their CEO participate in their leaders' learning journeys to support, reinforce, and ultimately, cultivate Wawanesa's leadership culture. Using assessment tools to target areas of leadership growth, they constructed personalized development plans for leaders of all levels - all while collecting data on identifying high potentials! Join Wawanesa to learn how you can drive business results by broadening your development horizons and discover leadership potential in all of your people, not just a select few.

  • Finding the Perfect Recipe for Empowering Associates | Quesia McCambridge, GPHR, SPHR-SCP, Bimbo Bakeries USA

    Armed with their longtime purpose to build “a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane company”, Bimbo Bakeries USA embarked on a nationwide lean business transformation to dramatically improve operation efficiency and value to their customers. This purveyor of Thomas’ English Muffins, Entenmann’s, and Sara Lee, found that the adoption of newly defined associate roles and work processes, along with new metrics and digital technology, required a transformation of leadership to inspire and engage the workforce. In this session, you’ll learn about the recipe used for gaining internal stakeholder support and preparing leaders to successfully drive BBU’s transformational change.

Rethinking HR Systems

  • Reinventing Career Management with a Global Approach | Lauri Lipka, AGCO Corporation

    The world is changing faster every day, and the jobs that will be critical to business success 10 years from now don’t even exist yet. This means that relying on traditional “career paths” will no longer meet the needs of our employees or our long-term business strategy. Over the past two years, AGCO has embarked on a global overhaul of our career management framework, shifting from role-based career paths to a more per-sonalized and flexible career management approach. In this session, you will learn how AGCO is putting resources in the hands of our employees to customize their specific development needs and preparing for the unknown demands of the future.

  • Selecting the Best and the Brightest for Baylor Scott & White Health | Rachel Plugge, Baylor Scott & White Health

    Like so many other healthcare organizations, Baylor Scott & White Health (the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas) was confronting heightened competition for talent, a shifting industry landscape, high applicant volume, and high turnover. Having the right people in the right positions was absolutely critical. In this session, Rachel Plugge will discuss how she and her team created a selection system to hire the best talent for their organization and the lessons learned in leveraging technology, guiding leaders through change, and showing impact over time.

  • Talent Development: Making Performance Conversations Count| Cory Kreeck, Beachbody

    Beachbody is known worldwide for helping people achieve their fitness goals. One way Beachbody continues to transform the health and fitness industry is by keeping employees focused on their top priorities. Managers facilitate regular performance conversations with a focus on SMART goals. In this session, you will learn how to create effective performance conversations and drive employee engagement through SMART goals and DDI’s Key Principles with a focus on results.

  • Out of Thin Air: Creating a Leadership Model from Scratch | Tanuja Yalamanchili, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

    What do you do when you’re given a blank sheet of paper and told, “Create a talent system for our million-dollar company”? This is exactly what happened at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. After being divested from their parent company, they had a chance to build their Talent Management function from scratch, drawing on the latest research and best practices. Whether you are building a new leadership competency model, re-thinking how to build manager capability, or wondering how to accelerate the development of critical talent, there are lessons in the Ortho story for you.

View the session descriptions here and be sure to check back as we add more sessions.

DDI will be presenting on the following topics:

DDI Solution Sessions

  • The Rapid Evolution of Frontline Leadership Development: Are you ready?

    New technology, new approaches to instructional design, and new content areas are all quickly changing the landscape in which we operate. At a broader level, several macro trends are impacting the workplace and the context within which leaders at all levels operate and learn. Frontline leaders are not immune to these changes and while a common set of leadership skills will always be needed, context and deep relevance are reshaping the approach organizations must take to leadership development. It’s no longer enough to take a one size fits all approach to frontline leader development. By focusing on context, personalization, and relevance, organization can break out of a stale cycle of development that is out of sync with today’s business and leadership landscape. In this session, DDI will explore how frontline leadership is changing, and share insights and practical tips on how to address the learning and performance needs of the frontline leader. We will also share specific examples of how DDI is responding to this rapidly changing landscape.

  • Realizing the Lost Promise of Leadership Potential

    For the last two decades, organizations have invested heavily in high potential initiatives to accelerate leadership readiness. However, according to DDI’s latest Global Leadership Forecast report, while 65 percent of organizations have high potential initiatives in place, 68 percent of those say they are not very effective. While high potential initiatives remain relevant, organizations need to address several barriers that often limit the effectiveness of these initiatives. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing business and leadership landscape, companies need to expand their view of potential beyond a small group of ‘high potential heroes’. In this session, attendees will learn about DDI’s solutions for surfacing, activating and accelerating the potential of individuals and across the full force of the organization.

  • The New Learning Experience: O to O—Not A to Z

    We are in a constant battle against heavy workloads, the endless stream of information, and the relentless pull of smartphones, to capture leaders’ mind share and time share to focus on their development. They don’t have the time or the patience for a lot of content…what they value is the right content, at the right time, in the right context. DDI’s latest Global Leadership Forecast backs this up. Leaders want personalized learning experiences above all else. Join this session to see how PinpointSM, DDI’s learning experience platform, delivers a focused learning experience that takes into account the whole person, and is infused with personal insight, personal relevance, and personal choice. Discover how you can combine this new digital experience with a more engaging, synchronous experience, in which intensified dialog and deeper reflection will flourish. Together, this new online to offline (O to O) combination will accelerate your leaders’ development, while providing the personalized learning experience they crave.

  • Women in Leadership: Unleash the Potential of Women Leaders

    The Global Leadership Forecast 2018, published by DDI, The Conference Board and EY showed that organizations that have at least 30% women in leadership are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained profitable growth. Yet the vast majority of organizations fall well below this. Advocating for women in leadership is not a women’s issue it’s a business issue. In this session, you will learn about the role you play in addressing gender equality and what it means to #LeadLikeAGirl and unleash the confidence and potential of women leaders. You will also learn about DDI’s suite of solutions designed to move the dial on Women in Leadership, but more importantly, set the foundation for sustained success.

  • I Want It That Way: 24/7 Flexible and Customizable Content with DDI’s Total Access License

    What if you had ready access to all of DDI's latest and greatest leadership development content? And what if you could have that for just one price? Imagine the efficiency if you had online access to the DDI library any time so you could edit, brand, print, and distribute materials inside your organization—without placing individual orders. Our Total Access license brings the flexibility and scalability you crave for your leadership talent solutions. When you hold a DDI license, you have the freedom to access content, modalities, and languages, and then co-create or tailor content to fit your audiences and business. In this session, we will outline the license approach, the benefits to your organization, and ways to optimize this all-inclusive model, plus we’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Already a license client? Come share your experiences and insights and receive a special gift!

Pre-Conference Workshops

Choose from one of the following five sessions. The pre-conference workshops have been approved by SHRM and HRCI for 3.5 CEUs each.

Morning | Wednesday, October 24 | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Actionable Data. Smart Talent Bets. Learn to Leverage the Global Leadership Forecast—Learn from your peers–in the room and from 2,400+ global companies in DDI's largest-ever study–through an interactive, deep-dive into the leadership megatrends revealed in the Global Leadership Forecast 2018. Create a data-driven roadmap for accelerating and building the business case for leader growth that you can implement tomorrow. Use innovative approaches about current topics like digital skills, high-potentials, gender and generational diversity, coaching, performance management, teams, personalized learning, and more to become the data hero at your organization.
  • Don't Look Back: Preparing Executives to Lead for the Future—No executive or CEO can ever be fully ready for the complex challenges that emerge at the top. Surprise is always waiting. This session will illustrate how the most successful organizations prepare for the unknown by creating environments of constant growth, starting at the top, fueled by targeted benchmarking and engaging experiences. If you are responsible for ensuring senior leadership readiness, this session will demonstrate how you can bring the future to life and prepare your executives to lead the transformations your business needs. 

Afternoon | Wednesday, October 24 | 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Organization with Focus and Action—From managing the present to preparing for the future. From leaders who reinforce a culture of hierarchy and control to leaders who embrace empowerment and innovation. What critical transitions does your organization need to make to flourish in this rapidly changing business landscape? In this highly interactive session, you will work with peers and DDI experts to explore critical transitions that can drive future success for your organization, your leaders, and HR. You will 'crowd source' practical ideas and approaches to move your organization from its current state to a future state that unleashes the full potential of your people and your organization. This is your chance to shape your organization's future success. 
  • Learning Journeys: Better for Your Business...Better for Your Leaders—How do you decide among the vast, and often confusing, array of learning methods and approaches for leaders, while responding to the pressure from the business to develop the right skills, right now? We know that one-off, one-time learning events don't benefit the business and they don't benefit the learners. Learning Journeys, on the other hand, offer a strategic approach, anchored in business strategy, that deepens leaders' knowledge, skills, and experiences. Learn about best practices and real client examples of organizations who have successfully implemented learning journeys. Then roll-up your sleeves, and with your peers, get hands-on experience designing a learning journey for your frontline or mid-level leaders. 
  • Advanced Facilitator Training—Have you ever wondered what separates great facilitators from good facilitators? In this session, you will discover the three critical roles every facilitator must play to be great, as well as a concrete list of individual skills and abilities that sets them apart. This session is recommended for those already certified as a DDI facilitator. 

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