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The People Side of Lean

What role does talent play in today’s manufacturing and industrial sectors as they strive to make the transformation to lean? The People Side of Lean explores critical challenges, trends, and proven practices in developing, selecting, and profiling talent for lean enterprises.

Eliminating the 9th Form of Waste
Looking for lean? There’s a ninth (and overlooked) source of waste beyond the eight recognized forms.

The SOP for Workplace Interactions
To help eliminate the 9th form of waste, can leaders create a “standard operating procedure” for workplace interactions?

Guidance from Above: The Manager’s Role in Driving Lean
How can a “leaders as teachers” approach support lean? Can supervisors transform from firefighter to coach?

The People Side of Lean in Health Care
The implications for patient safety and clinical outcomes are real. How can health care organizations build “lean leaders”?

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