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A Leader’s Guide to
Manufacturing 4.0

Four talent strategies to transform your organization for the future

Today’s advanced manufacturing organizations are running hard to just keep pace with digitization, automation, expansion, and shifts in customer demand and employee demographics—the megatrends collectively known as “Manufacturing 4.0” (M4.0), also referred to as Industry 4.0. As a result of these megatrends, the next 10 years will see greater change than was seen in the last half century, making industrial automation and advanced manufacturing the new norm.

Many organizations are preparing Industry 4.0 strategies focused on lean manufacturing, digitization (of operations, process, and product redesign) and customer demand, while failing to recognize the role people play in linking the two. They overlook critical skill gaps that threaten customer connectivity by breaking the relationship between product innovation and need.

Four talent strategies to transform your organization for the future of advanced manufacturing

From the factory floor to the C-suite, manufacturers are missing people with the mindsets, skill sets, and readiness levels to cope with the gargantuan leaps forward in engineering and production. New, future-looking advanced manufacturing skill sets must evolve as quickly as your engineering and design innovations and your customers’ buying preferences. Lean manufacturing tools that address only the challenges of the moment won’t compensate for the shift in required skills.

Address four key strategies to implement lean manufacturing principlese and ensure they can be strategically applied to your organization:

  • Differentiate your advanced manufacturing components to expand your focus beyond products to talent.
  • Invest in employee engagement to enable lean manufacturing strategies through a culture that is also lean.
  • Build a talent supply chain in the same way you'd build a supply chain for parts, tools, and products.
  • Accelerate the quality of your leaders to reduce variance and increase talent supply, both critical pieces of the successful implementation of Industry 4.0.

Are you ready to organize your priorities around a long-term plan for retooling your operation into one that consistently outperforms the competition? Our four game-changing talent strategies will show you how to radically rethink your talent and make the necessary shifts to master Manufacturing 4.0.

About the author

Jill George, Ph.D.Jill George, Ph.D., is DDI’s Global Manufacturing Practice Leader. She is responsible for ensuring DDI is at the forefront of top trends and issues facing the industry, and leads a team that navigates the interface of mega trends and talent across manufacturing sectors. She and her team spearhead DDI’s global consulting resources to help organizations identify, develop, and deploy their production, first-line leader, mid-level, and executive talent.

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