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Automated Diagnostics and Testing

Distinguish future high-performers from all the rest

Who’s most likely to succeed? DDI’s pre-employment testing will help you eliminate the guesswork and make the best selection and promotion decisions with certainty.

Our full spectrum of tests quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively evaluates your candidates based on job criteria proven to predict performance.

The Experience Effect
Understand which leader skills are most affected by tenure—and which are not. [Research]

Adding pre-employment testing to your selection process facilitates:

  • Better hiring decisions. Candidates with higher test scores ramp up more quickly and are much more likely to be top performers.
  • Greater process efficiency. Pre-employment screening can help you quickly zero in on the most-qualified candidates. That means fewer interviews and reduced time-to-hire.
  • Improved retention. Results pinpoint candidates who are more likely to be engaged by the job—and stay in it longer.
  • A more complete picture. Pre-employment tests offer an objective, holistic view of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. Testing data can then be used to inform high-impact on-boarding and development plans.

DDI offers the following pre-employment tests:



Individual contributors

Health care


Tests for all positions

  • Adaptive Reasoning Test (Cognitive Ability)
  • Skills Tests: 800+ performance- and knowledge-based testing suite includes solutions for Accounting and Finance, Digital Literacy, Distribution/Logistics, Food Services, Industrial Skills, IT Skills, Legal, Retail Sales, Staffing and HR Knowledge, Data Entry and Transcription.

Backed by DDI's full service technology support

Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

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