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Integrated Insight Reports

DDI delivers more critical intelligence about your leaders

DDI’s Integrated Insight Reports synthesize the results of your leaders’ executive assessments to pinpoint their strengths and development needs—and drive a bigger payoff for each of your development decisions. These cutting-edge, comprehensive feedback reports and stakeholder debriefs help drive the in-depth insight needed to ensure your right leaders are ready sooner.

The Integrated Insight Reports are the outputs of DDI’s Assessing Talent®: Operational and Strategic Leader assessments.

The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development
Learn about the power of pairing assessment with development for your leaders.

With new data points to reveal a more holistic look at your leaders, DDI’s Integrated Insight Reports provide:

  • Precise and consistent data to inform better talent decisions worldwide.
  • The insight and knowledge you’ll need to connect your leaders’ capabilities to the current and future needs of your business.
  • A unique perspective through which leaders can view their individual roles within the greater context of the business. 
  • The clarity and confidence you need to make all your major talent decisions.

DDI’s Integrated Insight Reports help you acquire more intelligence about your leaders through:

  • A more holistic view of your leaders synthesized from data related to competencies, personality traits, and the business context.
  • Consistent standards of measurement, ideal for multinational talent assessment.
  • Diagnostics focused at both the individual and group level.
  • Easily interpreted feedback reports for both participants and senior stakeholders.
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