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Leadership Capacity Forecasting

Size your leadership gaps and identify the leaders you need

Once the business landscape—strategic priorities, cultural priorities, business drivers—has been articulated, an important question demands your attention: What are the leadership talent implications? Answering this question demands an in-depth evaluation of your short-term and long-term leadership needs relative to the business landscape.

As you review and refine your leadership strategy, DDI can help you clarify the factors that affect the supply and demand of leadership talent in your organization—such as promotions, retirements, and changes in your business—and identify the type and quantity of leaders you need.

With an accurate forecast, you can:

  • Articulate your current and emerging leadership capacity gaps by level and function.
  • Identify the critical roles and transition points in your leadership pipeline where growth is needed most.
  • Define the scope and breadth of your selection, development, succession, and other leadership talent efforts.

The gap identification process includes:

  • Surveys and interviews to identify risk points in leadership readiness and strategy execution.
  • A leadership capacity forecasting tool that identifies current and future leadership gaps.
  • Facilitated discussions to review findings and prioritize recommendations.
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