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Leadership Games

Reinforce learning with interactive games

While the use of leadership games as a learning method has increased, it isn't all fun and games for learners. Leadership games are an engaging way to reinforce learning, building on concepts and creating stickiness.

Use games in your learning mix to help leaders:

  • See the immediate impact of the use of critical interpersonal skills called Key Principles on their team's performance and level of engagement
  • Practice these important leadership skills and experience the consequences of their decisions in a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen and sustain essential skills that drive behavior change and business impact

Prior to playing these leadership games, learners need to be familiar with DDI's Key Principles by completing a course from the Interaction Management® system.

Is Empathy Boss?

This microgame is a fun, interactive way to brush up or practice your Empathy Key Principle skills. Listen to members of a team vent about their work world and see if you can respond with empathy. A streak of 10 correct responses certifies you as Empathy Master. But watch out! Missing a fact or a feeling earns you a strike and resets your streak to zero. Keep trying, build skill, earn badges, and discover if Empathy is really boss!


Resolve to Involve

This short, engaging microgame gives individuals an opportunity to practice the Involvement Key Principle. Players listen to coworkers talk about problems and issues they face in the workplace. They learn that involvement is a way to generate more ideas and to show others that their input is valued.


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