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Leadership Mirror® 8.0

Transition Details

The FAQs below share information on the transition from the current version of Leadership Mirror (6.5) to the new Leadership Mirror 8.0 platform. 

What is Leadership Mirror 8.0?

Leadership Mirror 8.0 is the latest version of DDI’s 360-degree, multirater feedback software/system, which provides organizations with a scalable solution for assessing the performance of individuals or groups. Use this platform to gather insights on the strengths and development needs of your leaders, all with easy-to-interpret reports.

Start with the system’s prebuilt surveys or use DDI’s competency libraries to build customized surveys that are applicable to multiple leadership levels. You can also create or incorporate your own surveys based on your organization's unique competencies.

Who developed the new software?

DDI has partnered with Profiling Online, a leading global multirater assessment software and survey administration firm. Profiling Online’s state-of-the-art software combined with DDI’s research-based competencies and leadership development capabilities has resulted in an improved user experience for Leadership Mirror customers. The survey process is now fully administered by DDI and no further software training is required for your administrators to implement the updated system.

Is there a cost to transition to the new version?

For current Leadership Mirror customers, DDI will configure up to three surveys from the legacy system to the new system at no charge, as long as the request is made prior to January 31, 2019. Additional survey configuration requests as well as those made after January 2019 may incur configuration fees. Contact your DDI representative for more information or email

Can I migrate data from the current to the new system?

Upon request, DDI can configure surveys that currently reside in the Leadership Mirror 6.5 system into the new system. Contact your DDI representative to transfer existing surveys into the new platform prior to August 2019.

However, no legacy user data or survey data can be migrated. Administrators must export any desired survey results from the current Leadership Mirror 6.5 system by August 2019. Contact your DDI representative if you need help exporting reports or data.

What functionality is new and different?

While the core functionality of survey administration is largely the same, you will notice several new features, including:

  • Full mobile compatibility
  • Interactive reports
  • Full survey creation and administration services
  • Online rater nomination process and automated email reminders
  • Self-service status report access for your administrators

For a personal demo, contact your DDI representative.

What features and capabilities have been retained from DDI’s legacy 360 Solutions?

  • Flexibility in survey configuration. For example, when building surveys, you’ll still be able to define the specific parameters of the survey, such as competencies (DDI standard or customized), rating scales, rater categories, and more.
  • Access to Individual and Group report options.
  • Integrated feedback and coaching options; whether you prefer DDI to conduct feedback sessions with your participants or use the reports to develop participants on your own.
  • Full Language support available for English, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Spanish (Simplified and Traditional Chinese planned for Fall 2018) with additional language customization possible.

In an effort to provide a globally scalable solution, we made the decision to offer a streamlined, enhanced system that would meet the needs of the majority of our customers. Therefore, a few features associated with the legacy Leadership Mirror system are not included in the new system:

  • Targeted Feedback: Only a small percentage of users took advantage of Targeted Feedback surveys in the previous version of Leadership Mirror. The new version (8.0) does not support this type of survey methodology. Users should complete their Targeted Feedback implementations by August 2019 and export all desired data and reports before the end of August 2019.
  • Progress Scan: Like Targeted Feedback, only a small percentage of users had taken advantage of this feature in Leadership Mirror 6.5, so the new version of Leadership Mirror does not include this functionality. We are exploring the possibility of adding similar, but expanded, functionality to a future version of the software, which would provide time-over-time comparisons of assessment results for individuals.
  • Self-service survey creation and administration: In order to focus our efforts on improving the experience for survey takers and administrators, DDI has removed most self-service survey creation and administration functionality. As such, your administrators can still access critical administration functions, such as status reports, can still easily upload raters, and have the ability to release reports on-demand (or you may choose to allow the system to automate the report release process).

While we've reduced some self-service functionality, we're committed to making it easy for you to coordinate with administrators to build and launch your surveys. We’ll do all the survey-related work, so you can focus on your internal communications and activities associated with ensuring the overall success of your implementation.

What’s happening to the current Leadership Mirror system (version 6.5)?

As a result of this new system being launched in 2018, we are decommissioning the previous version of Leadership Mirror (v. 6.5) over the course of the next year. All current customers should be transitioned to the new platform (Leadership Mirror 8.0) by August 2019.  The current version of the platform will be decommissioned on September 1, 2019. 

What actions need to be taken?

Please share this news with any stakeholders and colleagues involved with multirater survey administration in your organization to ensure that future surveys are being administered via the new platform. 

Any surveys currently active in the legacy Leadership Mirror system should be completed by August 2019.  Any new survey administrations should be configured in the new 8.0 system and any historical data you wish to retain exported prior to August 2019. 

You may also contact your DDI representative to discuss transitioning to the new platform to ensure you are ready to take advantage of all the new enhancements available with Leadership Mirror 8.0.


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