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DDI’s Pinpoint Platform

Develop leaders anytime, anywhere, on any device

The spark for better leadership often starts in the classroom, but the connection to achieving better business results depends on how leaders practice and apply new skills on their own.

With DDI's Pinpoint—the new leadership development platform—you give leaders the keys to unlock their potential and maximize the impact of your leadership development program. Seamlessly integrated into DDI's award-winning leadership development programs for frontline and mid-level leaders, this cloud-based platform gives leaders the on-demand tools and resources they need to turn classroom learning into better on-the-job performance.

For Leaders

For Facilitators and Training & Development Managers

Guide leaders from insight to practice to impact

With DDI's Pinpoint platform, leaders often begin their learning with self-assessments to gain rich insights about the development areas where they need to focus the most attention. They take charge of their development by creating a personal toolkit in DDI's Pinpoint platform with their favorite games, exercises, tools, and self-assessments. DDI's Pinpoint puts these powerful learning and reinforcement tools at leaders' fingertips—accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

In addition, facilitators can leverage game-based activities, exercises, and challenging situations from DDI's Pinpoint platform during in-person or virtual classroom sessions, to fuel robust conversations and practice opportunities.

Take advantage of the best of both worlds

According to DDI's Global Leadership Forecast, the link between learning programs and leader quality is 46 percent stronger when technology is used heavily. Yet, in the ongoing battle for leaders' time and attention, many HR and learning professionals are torn between offering a proven, classroom-based leadership development program and taking a less structured approach that offers leaders access to a variety of online resources to explore on their own. With DDI's Pinpoint platform, you can offer leaders the best of both worlds.

Combined with DDI's Interaction Management® or Business Impact Leadership® series, DDI's Pinpoint platform delivers our research-based content before, during, and after the classroom experience. Leaders enjoy a personalized experience with on-demand access to a variety of diagnostic and reinforcement tools. Best of all, DDI's acceleration platform reduces the administrative burden on HR and learning professionals, enabling you to offer a satisfying and high-impact learning experience to a larger number of leaders. It's time to start unleashing leadership potential across your organization!

Get started as a Pinpoint Administrator

If you're interested to use and become a Pinpoint Administrator in your organization, you can sign up for two virtual training sessions designed for clients. Pinpoint 101 covers the basics and is designed for those with no or minimal experience with the platform. Pinpoint 102 covers more advanced topics and is designed for administrators with a Pinpoint login and have previously created a learning experience.

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