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Global Leadership Articles

Title: Leadership in Sharp Focus
A DDI research study of assessment data from more than 15,000 leaders delivers a wealth of insights. [GO Magazine Article]
Title: Increasing Your Supply of Globally Ready Leaders
Companies with top GLR scores achieved substantially higher ROI than those in the middle/bottom groups. Do you have globally ready leaders? [White Paper]
Title: VF’s “Brand” New Approach to Global Talent
Ron Lawrence and his team have brought vision—and action—to remaking the global apparel giant’s talent management function. [GO Magazine Article]
Title: How to Avoid 10 Virtual Classroom Pitfalls
Avoid the 10 common pitfalls when transitioning to virtual classroom. [Guidebook]
Title: Global Talent Management: 6 Keys to Unlocking Success
DDI’s strategy for facing the top three common global talent management challenges: leadership development, succession management, and talent acquisition. Learn how you can use six levers to break through barriers and implement global talent management successfully. [Guidebook]
Title: Global Best Practices: Common Culture Leaves Room for Local Adaptations
Core values transcend borders, but ideas can come from the regions, too. [Article]
Title: Taking Talent Global
Planning a global strategy is not easy, but neither are the challenges insurmountable. See what people factors you need to consider. [Article]
Title: A Global Approach to Talent Management
Global talent management is not only about recruiting the right local talent, it’s also about transferring skills and expertise. Read more. [White Paper]
Title: The CEO’s Guide to: Preparing Future Global Leaders
This useful how-to guide defines global leadership and provides a roadmap for how to identify and build your global leadership talent pool. [Booklet]
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