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Global Leadership Blogs

Title: What’s the Best Way to Waste $50 Billion?
By Richard S. Wellins, Ph.D.
Organizations spend $50 billion a year developing their leaders. But are they seeing a return on that investment? [Blog Post]
Posted: 06 Oct, 2017
Title: Are You Being Set Up for Expat Success?
By Jim Thomas, Ph.D.
If organizations want to ensure that their expats succeed, they need to gather baseline information about whether their expats accomplish their goals and objectives.  [Blog Post]
Posted: 10 Feb, 2017
Title: The Expat’s Packing List: The 4 Behaviors You Need to Succeed
By Jim Thomas
Showing interest and respect for the host country and building strong relationships with peers are key components to a successful expat assignment. [Blog Post]
Posted: 27 Jan, 2017
Title: The Dirty Little Secret about Expat Failure
By Jim Thomas, Ph.D.
An expat assignment can be a growth opportunity and a great adventure. But is it a smart career choice? [Blog Post]
Posted: 13 Jan, 2017
Title: Your Global Leadership Strategy, Part 1: Two Major Balances to Get Right
By Elmar Kronz
Multinational organizations have two major leadership strategy balances to get right: Global vs. Local, and Design vs. Implementation. [Blog Post]
Posted: 29 Nov, 2016
Title: High Potentials in Multinational Companies…an Investor’s Dilemma
By Elmar Kronz
Multinational corporations invest more and focus more on high potentials than domestic firms, but does that translate to success? [Blog Post]
Posted: 14 Aug, 2015
Title: Are You Ready To Be a Great Global Leader?
By John Golding
Leaders today are required to combine core leadership skills with ever-improving global acumen. Are you ready to be a global leader? [Blog Post]
Posted: 03 Mar, 2015
Title: How the New Generation of Leaders is Preparing for the Future
By Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
A special poll was conducted among the Young Presidents’ Organization's (YPO) member base of over 20,000 CEOs, in 120 countries, aged 45 or younger. Young leaders were asked "Where are we headed?" and "How do we prepare ourselves to get there?  Rich Wellins discusses the findings. [Blog Post]
Posted: 28 Jan, 2014
Title: Going Global? Make Sure Your Leaders are Part of the Solution
By Stephanie Neal and Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
How much will it cost if you neglect developing leaders’ global leadership skills? There’s the potential for internal conflict within their work teams, the potential damage to your brand or reputation, not to mention the risk of losing revenue or clients. [Blog Post]
Posted: 16 Oct, 2013

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