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Hiring Research

Better Hires, Better Outcomes
This report reveals the competencies that health care tests and assessments measure and highlights the outcomes of these behaviors. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Talent Acquisition 2013: Adapt Your Strategy or Fail
Read this Aberdeen study on how great companies build results-driven talent acquisition programs and align goals with business objectives. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Talent Acquisition Can be a Bumpy Ride
See how staffing directors and new hires differ in their perspectives on talent acquisition’s major challenges. [InfoGraphic]
Break the Vicious Cycle
Critical research to help you solve the unending challenges of talent management. [InfoGraphic]
Health Care Selection Forecast 2012 – Executive Summary
In this special report, we isolated health care respondents from global samples to uncover only two notable differences in selection trends. [Trend Research: Executive Summary]
Global Selection Forecast 2012: Know More. Guess Less.
In this study, read what 250 staffing directors and 2,000 new hires from 28 countries think about their organization’s hiring practices. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Recruiting for Culture Fit: Are You Getting Value(s) from Your Selection Activities?
HR professionals value culture fit in recruitment. This research suggests that hiring outcomes are suffering when it’s not assessed. [Trend Research: Country Report]
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