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DDI produces the future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy.


Title: 4 No-Brainer Ways to Improve Patient Experience
By Michael Ganeles
Delivering an exceptional patient experience is about meeting all the needs of patients and their family. [Blog Post]
Posted: 12 Dec, 2018

Latest Resources

Title: Taking the Lead on Leadership Diversity
Research shows that leadership diversity is linked to an organization’s rate and intensity of innovation. [Article]
Title: The $3,157,894 Question
This guide is designed to help you along the journey toward a leadership development function defined by big data and research-supported insights. [Article]
Title: Aligning With the Business
What works and what doesn’t when it comes to strengthening the connection between HR and the needs of the business? [Article]
Title: Creating the Right Context for Leader Growth
When developing leaders, what drives successful acquisition and use of leadership skills depends upon what surrounds program content. [Article]
Title: Realizing the Potential of High Potential Pools
Gauging “who’s ready?” has always been a daunting task. But it is only the first step. [Article]
Title: Millennials—Ready or Not, Here They Come. The Realities of Next Gen Leadership
This virtual keynote—perfect for Millennial leaders and anyone with a stake in their future success—will explore important questions as this unique generation becomes leaders. [Webinar Archive]
Title: Why Executives React: Personality Patterns That Survive at the Top
In Part 1 of our Leadership Insights series, we looked into the specific behaviors that characterize executives’ responses to new challenges. [Points of View]
Title: Coaching: Optimizing for Today’s World of Work
How can you ensure you have a top-notch coaching program? Read our guidebook for tips to improve coaching in your organization. [Guidebook]
Title: Are We Underselling the Promise of Women in STEM Leadership Roles?
Within a field that advances so quickly, why is it that progress for women in STEM is so abysmal and how can that be changed? [Article]
Title: Seize the Data: Reenergize L&D With the Proven
Based on insights from a broad set of data, this webinar will explore the “must haves” versus “nice to haves” in leadership development. [Webinar Archive]
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