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The Talent Implications of Health Care Reform

Today, we are facing a major reform of the health care system. There’s much debate as to whether the latest legislation gets the incentives rightor even if the bill will exist in its current form in the future. Regardless of what happens, the evolution has gained momentum. Like the new rules or don’t, it’s undeniable that they are already changing the business landscape of the industry and necessitating a change in behavior from its professionals.

In this article, we discuss some of the changes afoot in health care—a few of which we mention below. We’ve purposely chosen the list because these are the areas most pertinent to a discussion about health care reform and what people need to do differently in its wake:

  • Health care providers are reorganizing, restructuring, and redesigning.
  • Coordinated care is forcing a new approach, requiring even larger numbers of specialists to work in concert to treat complicated patient issues.
  • To control costs, reform measures are changing the way providers are paid from quantity to quality of care.
  • Reimbursement is changing dramatically, with an increased focus on clinical outcomes.

In this article, we detail the interrelationship between the new business landscape, and the people in it. Specifically, as talent management experts, we’re interested in exploring the implications on managing talent. The end goal: get health care executives, physicians, leaders, and teams working differently, ingeniously, and effectively for the new state of health care.

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