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The CEO’s Guide to: Preparing Future Global Leaders

Facing the Global Leadership Imperative

Globalization means a blossoming of business opportunities as never before. New markets are available to firms with the resources to get their goods and services in front of customers; purveyors of Starbucks, McDonald’s, Ferrari, and Gucci not only line the streets of London or Chicago, but Melbourne and Shanghai as well.

In many ways, customers, suppliers, and capital are the easiest pieces of the global puzzle to assemble, especially when compared to developing a leadership team to manage that puzzle profitably. Companies that invest in developing global leadership talent find new opportunities and better execution, while companies that don’t face new risks and potential failure of their multinational strategy.

Although most organizations today understand the need to be global, many still focus solely on building the infrastructure for global expansion (logistics, information technology, financial systems) and do not invest enough time and effort into identifying, selecting, and developing the talent necessary to succeed globally. Leadership on the global stage is different—and smart companies are increasing their investment in developing global leaders who can deliver results in far-flung markets around the world.

Are You Building a Global Leadership Talent Pool?

If your organization is unsatisfied with or unsure of the quality of its global leadership base, the following questions may help you to develop your global leadership talent pool:

  • Willingness: Does your organization recognize the need to build a global leadership talent pool? Are you and other leaders ready to move in that direction? 
  • Resources: Are you willing and able to put the time, effort, money, and intangible resources against global leadership identification, selection, and development?
  • Talent: Do you have the potential talent on board to jumpstart your global leadership initiative or will you have to look beyond your organization’s walls?
  • Human resources skills: Do you possess the HR talent and tools and/or have the consulting expertise at your side to make global leadership a reality in your organization?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then your organization is ready to start down a path to global leadership that will enable it to leverage new markets, attract new customers, find new sources of capital—and grow beyond your wildest expectations.

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