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The CEO's Guide to: Talent Management

Focus on Your Desired Business Outcomes for Success

Talent management has never been more of an immediate concern than it is right now. But in the rush to fill a perceived talent management void, organizations must be careful not to rush into implementing initiatives or programs that are more about taking action than about implementing a well-crafted solution.

To ensure perceived (and real) relevance for contemporary talent management practices, the shared lexicon in many organizations needs to shift dramatically. Everyone engaged in developing and implementing talent strategies must start by thinking as a Board, a CEO, or an owner of the organization. Walking in their shoes quickly reveals that their priorities, which can include such strategic priorities as driving revenue growth, penetrating new markets, horizontal integration, and driving cost efficiencies, have a decidedly different, business-oriented ring. Thus, DDI’s talent management approach zeros in on four bottom-line concerns:

  • The business landscape in which the organization is operating
  • The talent needed to win
  • The game plan to make it happen
  • An insurance policy to sustain execution of the game plan

Careful planning, culminating in a sound talent strategy that is tightly connected to the organization’s overall business strategies and business needs, is required for talent management to become ingrained in an organization’s culture and practices. Only when this happens is it possible for talent management to be both effective and sustainable.

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