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Constellium's Story

Featuring Fred Ravat, Talent Management Director, on how DDI supported Constellium through its Lean Transformation journey.

Constellium is the global sector leader in high value-added aluminum products and solutions for industrial applications. The group operates 18 manufacturing sites around the world.

The Challenge: Constellium was clear on the need to change leadership behavior as one of the three key factors in order to successfully drive its Lean Transformation process. If the goal was to be achieved, the process oriented and technical strength of managers would need to be supplemented by effective leadership skills.

DDI Solution: DDI was chosen as partner in the process because it had the requisite expertise and content to effect the change needed, had the global infrastructure to support the implementation and a certification process that fitted in well with Constellium's vision. Forty-four “Autonomous Product Unit” leaders took their reports through the development journey and themselves reported increased impact in areas such as:

  • Effectiveness in delivering feedback
  • Confidence when faced with having difficult conversations
  • Better relationships at multiple levels, geographic areas and business units.

The Videos: In the videos HR experts, frontline managers and production supervisors describe challenges, approaches and achievements in Lean Transformation at Constellium.

Talk to an Expert: Constellium's Story
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