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Huntington Bank


After a new CEO took over in 2008, Huntington Bank embarked on a three-year strategic plan. Strong leaders at all levels were needed to execute the plan, and Huntington recognized that mid-level leaders represented an opportunity for growth.


To help drive strategy execution and increase the organization’s mid-level leadership capability, Huntington’s HR team created a leadership development program for Huntington’s mid-level leaders. The program, which features a curriculum of customized courses from DDI’s Business Impact Leadership® Mid-Level Series, imparts the skills these leaders need and the support to help them transform their behavior through the application of their new skills on the job. Huntington delivers the courses in a series of sessions that extend across six months in order to optimize the impact of the program.

To help ensure the success of the program, the mid-level leaders’ managers play an active role by nominating those leaders who should be included. Senior leadership also is involved. Each course session is kicked off by an executive sponsor who overviews what will be covered, and reinforces the importance of the course content and the development program as a whole.

To encourage the breaking down of organizational silos and promote networking, leaders go through the courses with their counterparts from different parts of the organization. Post-training, each leader also is assigned to a peer learning group of about a half-dozen people that meets regularly to discuss issues they are confronting and shares their successes in applying their new skills.


  • Mid-level leaders who have gone through the program see its value to the business and have provided positive feedback.
  • The frequency of mid-level leaders engaging in the targeted behaviors on the job increased by 55 percent.
  • Trainees and observers report financial increases between $25,000 and $600,000 in relevant business areas as a result of the training program.
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