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Johnson Matthey needed to be able to recruit and hire first-class people for its 120-person production facility in Manesar, India. This had proved challenging in the past given the high demand for quality people. In addition, the company needed to develop its supervisors’ leadership skills at the Manesar facility, as well as at its other locations in Asia.


To bring consistency and greater efficiency to its interviewing and selection, Johnson Matthey implemented DDI’s Targeted Selection® behavioral interviewing system at its Manesar facility. Targeted Selection® makes it possible to identify the right hiring criteria, accurately gather candidate information, and evaluate that information to make the most accurate hiring decision.

While hiring the right quality and quantity of talent was critical, Johnson Matthey also recognized that its workforce needed to perform at a high level in order to drive the company’s continued growth. To make this happen, Johnson Matthey’s Divisional HR function chose to implement a robust Supervisory Development Program across various countries. This program, which is intended for leaders at all organizational levels, combines courses drawn from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® leadership development system along with organization-specific courses Johnson Matthey had created in-house.


 “By applying the Targeted Selection skills and concepts, we have a succinct interview process,” says Sapna Harpalani, director of HR for Johnson Matthey. “HR, the line manager, and the immediate supervisor can use the same guide to interview a candidate. The result is that it saves time for everyone involved.”

In addition, she says that the Supervisory Development Program is positively impacting Johnson Matthey’s culture in a way that supports the business.

“The supervisors are able to establish and promote an atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and professional development within their departments,” Harpalani says. “They are also proactively supporting the development efforts of their people.”

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