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Following a shared services model it was applying to other organizational functions, Philips moved to streamline, standardize, and consolidate its training offerings to provide consistent, cost-effective training through a smaller number of training vendors. Among the training needs it had identified, and sought to address through this new global training structure, were the skills of its leaders in the areas of management, coaching, developing others, and employee engagement.


Philips built a robust core curriculum to address its leadership development needs, bringing together courses that addressed several important leadership skills, including communicating for results, making effective decisions, and contributing to change initiatives. This curriculum was in addition to functional curricula Philips developed for the sales, marketing, supply management, HR, IT, and finance functions. DDI was selected as a key supplier for leadership development and was charged with delivering the core curriculum.

Providing the flexibility, global reach, and project management capability Philips needed, DDI created a global team with a single project leader and lead consultant in each region, with a delivery team of training facilitators working alongside each consultant. Existing DDI materials were customized to incorporate the Philips brand.


  • The unified core leadership development curriculum has been delivered to more than 11,000 leaders in 35 countries.
  • Greater cost efficiencies have been realized by working with a single training provider instead of numerous vendors providing training on a local or regional basis.
  • Through Level 1 evaluations, participants worldwide have consistently rated the courses a four on a five-point scale.
  • The centralized approach to training has made it possible to establish a single language of terminology across the entire Philips organization.
  • Leadership development opportunities represent a competitive advantage in recruiting and hiring new leadership talent.
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