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9 Game-Changing Stats for Physician Leaders

STOP the tug-of-war between being a top physician and leading a team. We’ve compiled the data from health care organizations across the US to help you examine the health of your leadership team.

What's Inside?

  • What skills physician leaders need to be successful
  • The secret to better patient satisfaction and higher HCHAPS scores
  • How health care leaders feel during a time of transition

Your physician leaders are at the apex of great industry change, of each and every patient experience and the future leadership of your organization.

So how can you help them navigate roles that are becoming more challenging in organizational structures blossoming with complexity?

We’ve compiled data from four different studies that looks at what health care leaders are facing, what they say would make the greatest difference—and the key leadership differentiators for organizational success.

Talk to an Expert: 9 Game-Changing Stats for Physician Leaders
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