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Want Succession Success? Six Imperatives to Guide You

Learn how to build ready-now leaders for your organization and read our guidebook to learn the 6 words that will guide your succession journey.

Leadership readiness initiatives aren’t working, so it’s time to RETHINK what we’ve been doing and focus on the practice of leadership acceleration. Use these six acceleration imperatives that drive succession success to move leaders in the direction to being ready now.

What’s inside?

  • The six words, or acceleration imperatives, for succession success
  • Hints to help you implement the acceleration imperatives in your organization

Organizations have been increasing their investments in leadership development, while leadership readiness rates decline.

How can you ensure your organization doesn’t follow this same trend? How can you prepare your leaders to be ready now?

This guidebook introduces and defines the acceleration imperatives; it also provides tips and tricks to help you along the journey to ready now leaders and succession success.

Talk to an Expert: Want Succession Success? Six Imperatives to Guide You
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