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Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation: The Leadership Imperative - Full Report

Organizations need innovation to survive and thrive. Thus, they need leaders who excel at driving innovation. But many leaders fall short when it comes to fostering ideas. This report doesn’t question whether leaders themselves will be the source of your next great idea. Rather, when that idea arises—from a team member, a customer, or some other source—will leaders be able to foster it and bring it to fruition?

Over the past few years, DDI has worked with the LUMA Institute to teach leaders to foster innovation. We found to be effective, leaders must:

  • Inspire Curiosity
  • Challenge Current Perspectives
  • Create Freedom
  • Drive Discipline

This research is an in-depth look at leaders’ capabilities in the areas listed here. And the findings in the report show a mixed forecast for innovative conditions, including:

  • Leaders are not actively engaged nor are they personally invested in driving innovation.
  • Leaders think they exhibit behaviors associated with driving innovation far more frequently than employees do.
  • Leaders' actions to foster employee innovation will likely fail without an organization-wide commitment to innovation.
  • The more senior the leaders, the more they create the conditions for innovation.
  • There are no significant differences in innovation-fostering behaviors across age or gender.
  • Who killed innovation? When identifying the perpetrator, leaders are less likely to look in the mirror.
  • Industry differences highlight market trends and the importance of a differentiated view of innovation challenges.

Skim the executive summary, or read the full study: Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation.

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