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Leadership Forecast 2005-2006: Best Practices for Tomorrow's Global Leaders

This is DDI's fourth leadership study in a series, with trend research spanning six years. The newest forecast is unique in several respects:

  • Global Scope: Over 800 organizations from 42 countries participated in the study including Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Colgate, and Volkswagen. In addition to the global report, there are seven country reports comparing local findings with global norms.
  • Multiple Perspectives: This forecast collected data from over 900 HR professionals and 4,500-plus leaders at various levels, allowing some unique comparisons.
  • New Section on the Role of Leadership: In addition to extensive findings on leadership talent practices, we also asked leaders how they feel about their own roles. We covered topics like work-life balance, motivation to lead, and what leaders feel their organizations really expect from them. In all, the Leadership Forecast 2005-2006 includes 31 separate findings.
  • Links with Financial Performance: As in past forecasts, there is a strong relationship between those organizations who have in place effective talent systems and self-reported company business performance. However, in the 2005-2006 report, we correlated data from North American, publicly-traded corporations who completed the forecast with financial data from an independent database. As you will see, there is an impressive relationship between the quality of leadership talent programs and business performance.

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