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Leading Singapore: A Snapshot of Leadership Readiness

Standing atop the iconic Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, looking past the horizon onto the central business district, no one can deny the astonishing leap that Singapore has made from a British trading post to a knowledge and high-tech hub in Asia. With a 20-year perspective on business and leadership in Singapore, we at DDI believe that leadership has never been more important to the future sustained growth and competitiveness of the country.

Just Another Study on Leadership?

While many research studies and reports have been written about leadership in Singapore, few have created strong links back to the real business context and priorities to which leaders must step up. Furthermore, the assessment of leadership readiness is typically determined by perception-based data rather than robust and objective assessment data. So what makes our approach unique?

In this study, Leading Singapore: A Snapshot of Leadership Readiness, we begin with the end in mind—the starting point for our assessment of readiness is the business landscape and priorities of organizations operating in Singapore. While we draw on secondary research to inform our assessment of readiness, the primary data source for this research is DDI’s own data obtained through our robust assessment center methodology, personality inventories, and 360-degree feedback process. We believe these provide unique insights and a more realistic snapshot of leadership readiness.

The Changing Business Landscape

In the context of today’s business landscape, can Singapore sustain its unquestionable history of success? The study poses these questions to help evaluate the readiness of leaders:

  • What are the priorities for Singapore and Singapore-based organizations?
  • What global and local people trends are likely to impact the capacity of Singapore-based organizations to deliver on these priorities?
  • What is the capacity of the country’s business leadership talent to deliver on any future mandate?
  • What kind of business leaders will Singapore need to maintain its global standing in this ever-changing landscape?
  • What can Singapore-based organizations do to ensure they have a steady flow of quality talent?

Are Leaders in Singapore Ready?

We identified five key leadership challenges that reflect the business landscape. In the future, leaders in Singapore need to:

  • Drive growth through local and global expansion.
  • Drive operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Cultivate innovation.
  • Enhance customer relationships and focus
  • Engage and inspire people.

Based on skills and personality patterns from assessment data, leaders in Singapore have mixed ratings of “ready” and “not ready”.

Download the full report to find out why they are or aren’t ready for the above challenges, and what steps can be taken to develop the right leaders to lead Singapore today and in the decades to come.

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