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Learning Technology 2016: Embracing Innovation for a Better Learner Experience

The time is perfect to completely rethink your learning technology strategy and begin to shift away from a traditional, static model that only focuses on a small portion of how leaders learn. This is not a call to abandon the classroom or destroy the course. Instead, it is time to rethink the classroom and redesign the course, as well as introduce new technologies and modalities that let people learn in ways that work for them.

The need for you to rethink your approach is embodied in the key findings in this research by the Brandon Hall Group. This comprehensive industry perspective shares six key drivers of change in how organizations plan for, and utilize, learning technology.

  1. Most organizations are held back by weak (or non-existent) technology strategies.
  2. Social and mobile strategies are top priorities, especially for mature organizations.
  3. Technology buyers embrace the importance of the user experience.
  4. Informal learning technologies drive great user experience.
  5. Satisfaction levels are poor across the learning technology spectrum.
  6. Integration is a critical cog in the technology puzzle.

Explore new and different technologies with DDI’s development solutions, designed for a “just-for-me” learning experience.

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