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Put Your Money in the Middle: A meta-study and talent management guide for mid-level leaders

Are mid-level leaders getting the development they need to face today’s unparalleled challenges? Do organizations effectively support leaders’ transition into crucial mid-level roles? And, are they selecting those most likely to succeed in the first place? This collection of contemporary research says: not always.

We organized our findings around five points of view that will help you to harness the incredible power of your mid-level leaders as a growth engine for recovery. With each viewpoint, we offer our take on the implications of the data and our suggestions for talent management initiatives that will enable you to better leverage this critical corporate resource.

Some key findings include:

  • Business drivers bring alignment and focus to integrated talent management systems.
  • Execution, change, and innovation top the mid-level leader agenda.
  • Mid-level leaders lack the confidence and training needed to execute on the business drivers of their organization.
  • After a brief respite given the economy, there’s a resurgence of concern about selecting leaders, and unique concerns for doing so at the midlevel. 
  • Organizations will lose leaders with critical skills, but those who prepare well will fare significantly better than their competitors.

Click here to read the full study and additional findings.

Talk to an Expert: Put Your Money in the Middle: A meta-study and talent management guide for mid-level leaders
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