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Selection Forecast 2006-2007

by Ann Howard, Ph.D., Scott Erker, Ph.D., and Neal Bruce

DDI and Monster’s Selection Forecast 2006-2007 shows that today’s job market is increasingly in the hands of the candidate. In particular, the study reveals that:

  • 73 percent of staffing directors report competition for talent has increased since 2005.
  • 53 percent of hiring managers could lose a direct report within six months.
  • 51 percent of hiring managers find fewer qualified candidates available compared to two years ago.
  • Two-thirds of job seekers report that the interviewer influences their decision to accept a position.

This is DDI’s third study of hiring and recruiting practices since 1999, providing perspective on the changing shape of the hiring market over the last eight years. Survey respondents included 628 staffing directors, 1,250 hiring managers, and 3,725 job seekers.

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