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Performance Management Blogs

Title: What Happens When Leaders Fail to Use Key Principles?
By Cory Rieken
A leader's lack of empathy and ongoing performance conversations can lead to confusion and uncertainty among employees about where they stand.  [Blog Post]
Posted: 07 Feb, 2017
Title: Performance Management—What Just Happened?
By Jim Kauffman
Performance management has been labeled as “a waste of time, demoralizing, and stupid.” Why the sudden hatred? And more importantly, what can you do about it?  [Blog Post]
Posted: 25 Oct, 2016
Title: Why Performance Management Should Come with a Warning Label
By Tom Schott
Business leaders may recognize the need for improvement in their performance management approach, but are they courageous enough to implement change? [Blog Post]
Posted: 04 Mar, 2016
Title: Don’t Let Development Plans Get Dusty
By Dave Fisher
Why do so many development plans sit around getting dusty rather than getting put into action? This blog helps answer what gets in the way. [Blog Post]
Posted: 24 Nov, 2015
Title: Performance Rankings are Immoral
By Bob Rogers
Attempting to capture performance with a word or a number is dishonest at best. It destroys morale, trust, engagement, and job satisfaction. [Blog Post]
Posted: 13 Nov, 2015
Title: Forced Ranking: A Response to the Amazon Story
By Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
What’s wrong with forced ranking? Can you be performance-driven with a human touch? Explore a better approach to manage performance. [Blog Post]
Posted: 10 Sep, 2015
Title: Performance Management: The Final Frontier?
By Diane Bock
Ironically, many performance management systems negatively impact performance. Learn five counterproductive practices to avoid. [Blog Post]
Posted: 10 Sep, 2014
Title: What Does It Take to Be a Jedi in Managing Performance?
By Vykinta Kligyte, Ph.D.
There is an ongoing debate in Talent Management circles around whether measuring innovation and citizenship behaviours motivates or, on the contrary, demotivates employees by negatively affecting their engagement in those activities; a phenomenon known as the "over-justification" effect. [Blog Post]
Posted: 21 Mar, 2014
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