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Talent Management Blogs

Title: What’s the Best Way to Waste $50 Billion?
By Richard S. Wellins, Ph.D.
Organizations spend $50 billion a year developing their leaders. But are they seeing a return on that investment? [Blog Post]
Posted: 06 Oct, 2017
Title: Got People Problems? Don’t Blame Your Dog!
By Diane Bock
HR can help diagnose people problems. But that’s not how many senior leaders choose to use their organization’s HR function. [Blog Post]
Posted: 27 Sep, 2017
Title: Leadership Strategies Matter. Is Yours by Default or Design?
By Vicki Center
Leadership strategies are developed either by default or design. This brief video shares what we’re hearing from organizations like yours.  [Blog Post]
Posted: 01 Jun, 2017
Title: How to Work with People Who Aren’t You
By Diane Bock
Diversity is good for business. But it doesn’t mean you will automatically have positive relationships with colleagues who are different. [Blog Post]
Posted: 16 May, 2017
Title: 10 Must-Know Leadership Analytics Approaches
By Sarah Mogan and Stephanie Neal
These 10 approaches can help you make the most of your people data. [Blog Post]
Posted: 05 May, 2017
Title: Why Every Company Needs a Leadership Strategy
By Bruce Court
Organizations today need a leadership strategy that underpins their business goals and culture.  [Blog Post]
Posted: 21 Feb, 2017
Title: Are You Being Set Up for Expat Success?
By Jim Thomas, Ph.D.
If organizations want to ensure that their expats succeed, they need to gather baseline information about whether their expats accomplish their goals and objectives.  [Blog Post]
Posted: 10 Feb, 2017
Title: Why High-Character Employees are the Key to Your Success
By Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D.
Bruce Weinstein discusses the benefits of hiring for character as well as competence, and the financial and legal risks of failing to do so. [Blog Post]
Posted: 03 Feb, 2017
Title: Top Blogs of 2016
By Keri Hritz
From zombies to high potentials, DDI brings you the most popular leadership blogs of 2016. [Blog Post]
Posted: 22 Dec, 2016
Title: 5 Ways to Make Your Leadership Ranks More Diverse
By Steve Frost and Danny Kalman
Tailored inclusion and retention strategies can lead to greater diversity in your organization’s leadership population. [Blog Post]
Posted: 16 Dec, 2016
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