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Your Leadership Coach

Leadership is incredibly tough. But a lot of managers don’t want to let their boss know they’re struggling. And they want highly personalized advice so they can apply it right away. In short, they need an outside leadership coach.

In the past, leadership coaches have often been saved only for top executives. So how can you scale a one-on-one executive coaching model to other levels? With DDI’s CoachLinkSM, it’s no problem. That’s what it was built for.


of leaders said CoachLink increased the effectiveness of their leadership development program

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Personalized to the Needs of Your Leaders

CoachLink is all about personalization. From the beginning, coaches are matched depending on your leader’s specific needs and preferences. Then, based on defined development goals and progress during the sessions, coaches assign learning tools that address these specific challenges.

When assigning learning tools, coaches consider not only what a participant needs to learn, but how they prefer to learn. Coaches ensure each learning tool is most appropriate for the person they are coaching. The coach even connects with the participant’s manager to help them offer better support.

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Boost Leadership Development

How do you make leadership development stick? Make sure your leaders are getting feedback and tips on how they can apply their new skills on the job. That’s where a leadership coach comes in.

Designed to reinforce and boost formal learning, CoachLink can be a powerful addition to ongoing development initiatives and programs. For example, after a leadership training event, a personal coach can increase the uptake of skills and behaviors back in the workplace. In addition, a personal coach can discuss results, draw on insights, and create personalized development plans from the data gathered from a leadership assessment.

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Easy Access to Experts

With CoachLink, you get access to dedicated DDI coaches with hundreds of hours of experience delivering personalized learning.

A CoachLink engagement consists of six 30-minute weekly or biweekly sessions. Coaches focus on helping leaders boost strengths close skill gaps. At any time over the course of the engagement, a participant can directly message their coach. For example, if a leader has a question while practicing a new leadership skill, their coach is just an email or text away!  

Accessible from DDI’s Pinpoint, more leaders can access coaches from anywhere in the world. 

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